Find Your Place To Belong

There are days when you get #feels? Us too.

Join us in our safe hub of digital friends
(created by five IRL friends!) who listens, helps you work through whatever, and will never leave you *on read*.


Join and create tribes based on your interests.

Connect, vent off, and make friends! Talk about your problems, get advice (if you’re looking for it), and feel heard. Whether it’s #TMI Girl Talk, talking about private matters you feel shy of sharing with your friends (periods, mood shifts, boy crushes and so much more), we’ve got your back

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Glow up mentally.

Track your emotions, make friends, chat, and have a mental glow up! You’ll be surprised how your life changes around you once you express your emotions, work on it, and feel better.

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Share your day.

Record your feelings, share your voice and your daily moments with the world. What are 3 things you feel grateful for today? Build a daily positive habit and you can watch other people’s gratitude stories too.

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We’re all different and diverse

What people are saying

I met some really nice people on weBelong, and It has helped me feel more comfortable putting myself out there.

Alex, 15

I recently discovered this app and I love the idea behind it! I wanted to connect with like-minded girls my age but I wanted to connect on an emotional level, not another TikTok. Keep it up!

Amanda, 20

I created a group on weBelong to share about my experience dealing with ADHD and connecting with others made me feel less alone.

Emily, 16

Talk about anything, anytime you want, and feel better. 24/7. judgment-free