5 New Voice Chat App in 2022 (You never know 3 of them)



May 28, 2022

5 New Voice Chat App in 2022 (You never know 3 of them)

5 New Voice Chat App in 2022

There are so many apps for using voice chat but I will introduce 5 new voice chat app whchi you might not know, emrging recent 2 or 3 years mostly.

Today, with the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic making it more difficult to get friends in one place in real life, so the communication became more likely to be done online, and the demand of the better quality of communication is getting higher and higer.

Using a good voice chat app can be the same as staying there, so let me introduce better 5 new app for voice chat.

1. weBelong: Voice Chat with Friends

Voice Chat with friends

On weBelong, from home screenm you can join any voice calls if it is not private voice room.

This is very intuitive and simple, all you need is to join and start to talk.

You can simply invite your friends to weBelong, or you can join some of the talk already happening depending on the theme you wanna talk, you can join and start to chat.

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weBelong install

weBelong: stay in touch with friends

What is weBelong, it is a new social media for youth to stay in touch with friends, and make new friends as well.

The orientation of the app is more likely to be texting but you can do voice chat as well.

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Community an Make friends as well

There is a community function on weBelong where you can discover contents you like based on your hobby or place to live, and meet like-minded friends.

On weBelong, communities are pretty active unlike twitter or facebook. Once you get friends there, you can have a conversation with new friends based on that as well.

Anime, Astrology, LGBTQ, and so on.

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weBelong install

Share your days and hear friends voice

weBelong is very different from other social networking platform, you will not see any number of friends others have, likes others get on the post.

This is because weBelong aims to be a next social network where people don't get toxic, don't have mental issues or faking their life but have meaningful conversation.

No filter on weBelong, no judgement, or no jerks.

weBelong is about diversity

Internet used to be a life-boat for people who had no place in society, but after social networking like Facebok, Instagram or SnapChat emerged, they became a place for MAJORITY who more widely used as a way to boost the existence of the real world.

On weBelong, most of users are in the minority or describe themselves as misfits. Black, Neuro-diversity, disabled or lgbtq people are using and the percentage of them are over 70% on weBelong.

weBelong is for differences. weBelong is a space where all of them celebrate their differences.

Our differences make us who we are. Everyone is different and those differences enrich communities' diversities. On weBelong, no matter who you are, you are valid.

weBelong install

2. Quilt: Voice Chat for self-care

Quilt is the social app where kind people hang out, and crying is cool.

Laughing so hard you cry counts, too. Unlike Discord, there are non judgmental people on Quilt.

Voice chat for mental health

Quilt is more likely to be a live voice chat platform, you can be lister or speaker. Most likely you will be engaged in the conversation with strangers.

you can use Quilt app while walking, bathing, hiking, pretty much anywhere with cell reception, about topics light and serious alike.

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Diversity and self-care

The Quilt community is 70% female, 20% nonbinary and 10% male; 55% identify as white while 45% are people of color.

Diversity is significant for Quilt community.

Quilt has facilitator ambassadors on the platform who assist and support hosts to ensure that speaking time is shared equitably between users in different quilts. Research dating back to as early as 1975 shows that men monopolizing conversation is not a new phenomenon; it is often attributed to implicit biases regarding gender and power dynamics.

According to TIME magazine, George Washington University published a 2014 study that found that men are 33% more likely to interrupt a woman in conversation than another man. Northwestern Pritzker School of Law published a 2017 report indicating “that male Supreme Court Justices interrupt female Justices approximately three times as often as they do other male Justices.”

3. Amino

Voice chat for anime friends

Amino is a social media for anime lovers or extreme game lovers.

You can co-watch some of anime together with strangers. Amino has bunch of communities around anime and you can discover likeminded fandom, and chat with them.

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Complications make adults away from Amino

Amino app itself is super-confusing, but it prevents annoying adults from joining the app, explained by founder.

Predators tend to come to the app like Yubo Amino and so on, but unlike Yubo, you will not meet much predators.

Co-watching anime and voice chat

On amino app, not only voice chat but you can have a room where you can watch anime together with fans of anime.


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4. Clubhouse: Voice chat social networking

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. Starting from app where you can listen to talk among celebrities (not much happening recently).

Voice chat with celebrities

Initially Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock, or Ashton Kutcher are on Clubhouse to get users, but clubohouse became a voice chat app for everyone.

The company describes itself as "a new type of social product based on voice allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world."

Between podcasting and live voice chat

It looks like podcasting but you can listen to stories on live. You can either hop on to the live conversation and ask questions/talk with speakers or listen to former conversation likewise podcasting.

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5. Cubemint: Metaverse Voice chat

Cubemint is really new app, where you can find a place to talk to people from all over the world.

Cubemint connects physical reality and virtual spaces through sound in three-dimensional audio spaces that users can mint and explore together, they call themselves as Audio Metaverse.

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Brand-New Voice chat for web3 people

Cubemint has created an Audio Metaverse: an augmented audio reality where users talk to each other and explore an immersive audio space.

But this is not the only thing offered by this original platform, as users also have the possibility to create their own sounds as NFT audio to offer them for sale to other users within this platform.

Travel the world and chat with people there

When you open the app, there is a map and you can find a "cube" where you can have a conversation.

You can hear the sound of the environment and talk with people there.


Voice Chat is comfortable

Voice chat is really comfortable compared to video chat since you can do anything you want, wear anything, or don't have to get dressed.

The voice itself is so intrinsic and emotional way to express their feeling and communicate. But furthermore, voice chat is good for mental health.

Why is voice chat good for mental health?

Many of teens tend to compare others with themselves, and one of the symptom is about body image issues.

According to Psychology Today, there is a concept "Snapchat Dysmophia".

British plastic surgeon Tijion Esho dubbed the concept “Snapchat Dysmorphia,” and the term took off when Vashi and her colleagues declared in JAMA Plastic Facial Surgery that selfies and photo-editing had instilled new beauty standards. “It can be argued that these apps are making us lose touch with reality because we expect to look perfectly primped and filtered in real life,” the authors wrote. And knowing that an image is doctored doesn’t stop your brain from engaging in comparison. It happens automatically, says Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern University and the author of Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/articles/202002/selfies-filters-and-snapchat-dysmorphia-how-photo-editing-harms-body-image

So if it is about voice chat, people can connect through only voice, and you don't have to compare you with others.

Differences matter. Being different is okay. And voice chat is one of the ways to know the differences without getting anxious or feeling tired.

5 New Voice Chat Apps 2022

  1. weBelong: Voice Chat with friends install here

  2. Quilt : Voice Chat for mental health install here

  3. Amino: Voice Chat for Anime install here

  4. Clubhouse: Social audio app and chat install here

  5. Cubemint: Audio metaverse app

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