7 Best Call app for teens



Nov 15, 2022

7 Best Call app for teens

7 Best Call apps for teens

With so many phone and computer apps on the market, and new ones popping up every day, it can be difficult to keep track of which apps our kids are using.

Here are the most popular apps for teens right now, along with what you need to know about each app.

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1. weBelong app: VR call app

weBelong is a social networking app to cherish your friends and partners where you can have VR call.

Since over 70% of users are teens, you might feel this is the place if you are teens.

All you need is to install iOS app on weBelong and invite your friends.

What is VR call?

weBelong aims to celebrate differences that users cannot see any number of followers or likes others get. So you don't have to compare you with others.

Also to make the app genuine, weBelong doesn't have any function that enables users to filter image or videos as well.

Most of people on weBelong are from NYC or somewhere in the US.

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What you can do on VR Call?

Tiktok Collaboration

One of the thing you can do on weCall is to have tiktok Collaboration. Since you can be with someone virtually on the call, you can do colloboration for tiktok content.

What you do is just calling with your friend to collaborate with, and start something fun!

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You can be creative to make it! There are several examples here.

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Watching video together on the call

You can watch video together with teen friends or partners. Since you can upload video as background, you can co-watch the video with friends or partners on VR Call.

This experience is very immersive and fun!

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Dance together

You can dance together by uploading Tiktok video for example. You and your friends are there, and you can upload a video like BTS, Black Pink, Taylor Swift, whoever you wanna dance with your teen friends.

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Make memes with your teen friends

You can create memes on VR call as well. You can be a famous person, you can be part of the background pic like below.

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Memes are everywhere, but there are few creatives which include you.

Share memories together on the call

If you use this with your friends or partners, you can share memories as well.

You can upload pic which remind you of the moment you and your friends had fun. Even if you are in the long distance, you can be together on VR Call.

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How to make a VR Call weBelong

  1. Install weBelong
  2. Invite your friends
  3. Make VR Call
  4. Add other friends more
  5. Make more calls
  6. Share content among friends


Celebrate Diversities

weBelong is not just a VR call app but also the app where people celebrate differences.

On weBelong, you can see pronouns on the app that it is easy to understand which prounouns are your friends using. You will be less likely to get mis-gendered.


2. Yubo: live call among teens

One of the most popular app for teen is app called yubo. yubo is designed to meet new teens and have group video call with your friends and new friends. More than 40 million teens are using people to connect with strangers and meet them.

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Dating and Live call for teens

It’s more likely dating app but can have connections there too. I met a lot of creepy child predators there but still it’s good app to find good friends.

Yubo calls itself a social media to chat and livestream with friends. Users of the app can swipe right to say ‘yes’ and left for ‘no’, exactly as on Tinder and other dating apps.

On Yubo, if both parties say ‘yes’, they are matched and can then chat and follow each other on Snapchat or Instagram. Users can also host live video streams or chats which are open for viewing. So strangers and friends alike can view such streamed events!

3. Houseparty: Video group call

Houseparty is a video call app that surged in popularity during lockdown. Houseparty, which allows people to virtually drop in on video chat rooms with friends, experienced a surge in demand during the first wave of Covid regulations, reporting 50 million sign-ups in one month.

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Houseparty and game among teens

Houseparty is owned by the Epic Game that makes Fortnite and and was integrated into the hit game last year, allowing users to video call while playing.

Houseparty has been around for a while, but it's exploded in popularity recently, especially with teens because of this.

4. Clubhouse app: audio social network

Clubhouse is a social audio app for excuslive people inititially. The strategy of clubhouse was to attract people by letting only celebrities use the app, but now not much celebrities there, but it became more inclusive.

Voice call only

What makes them inclusive is about communication without videos or images. They don't have any features to use video chat.

Since you don't have to reveal your face, you don't have to prepare, all you need is joining the voice call to listen or hop on to the convo.

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How to make a call on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is very simple. There are several rooms on Clubhouse to join the call, or you can create a room by tapping the green button on the bottom.

5. Quilt: Voice call for mental health

Quilt is the audio social app where kind people hang out, and crying is cool.

Laughing so hard you cry counts, too. Unlike Discord, there are non judgmental people on Quilt.

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Voice call for mental health

Quilt is more likely to be a live voice chat platform, you can be lister or speaker. Most likely you will be engaged in the conversation with strangers.

you can use Quilt app while walking, bathing, hiking, pretty much anywhere with cell reception, about topics light and serious alike.

There are not much teens on Quilt but potentially there could be.

Diversity and self-care

The Quilt community is 70% female, 20% nonbinary and 10% male; 55% identify as white while 45% are people of color.

So this quit itself is like audio version of weBelong.

How to make a call on Quilt

Just download to join the call on Quilt, and tap “Join Now” on your home page.

Once you enter, you’ll be able to see the official speakers and listeners, and you’ll be able to click on their photos to check out their profiles and connect.

Start a call or host

Tap "Start a Quilt" at the bottom of the screen and you will be prompted to name the conversation.

Tap "Host it," and the entire community will be notified and given the opportunity to participate.

You can host a quilt with friends and share your interests live with members of the community. This could be described as a live podcast.

6. Discord: Call, text, and community

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What is Discord

Discord is texting and voice call app for gamers, if you would like to be friends with gamer friends, discord is one of the great space to make friends.

All you need is to talk to someone, so you should be extrovert at leason online.

Make teen friends and call

There are so many servers for teen gamers or anime lovers actually.

Anime Soul Discord Server: This server is for all anime lovers who can have endless conversations about all things anime. If you are an anime fan, you are probably dying to discuss the latest scoop about your favorite characters.

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Friends Cord Discord Server

The server is a friend’s cord for fun-loving, passionate people. The server is always budding with interesting conversations.

7. Snapchat: Most popular call app among teens

Of course Snapchat, it is the most popular social media app for teenagers, they do snap streak, share stories and use filter. In 2020, Snapchat had an average of 218 million daily active users that generated over three billion snaps a day.

Most used social media among teenagers

Snapchat has exploded in popularity over the past few years among teens. This is because it lets you share self-destructing snaps with friends, exchange videos and text. One can post things here that live up to 24 hours on the feed and instantly vanish as soon as the other person takes the finger off the screen or swipe a certain way.

Social app for mostly sexting

Just be aware that there are a lot of nudity on Snapchat.

Since every photo disappears, it tends to use as sexting. Snapchat itself admits that up to 25% of users may send sensitive content on a regular basis “experimentally.”text in bold

List of call app for teens

1. weBelong: Call with favorite people

install from here: weBelong app

2. Yubo: Live Call and Dating for teens

install from here: Yubo app

3. Houseparty: Live Video Call among teens

install from here: Houseparty app

4. Clubhouse: Audio social network

install from here: Clubhouse app

5. Quilt: Voice call for diversities

install from here: Quilt app

6. Discord

install from here: Discord app

7. Snapchat

install from here: Snapchat app

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