HoloAsh Was Featured By Startups Magazine



Apr 15, 2021

HoloAsh Was Featured By Startups Magazine

Our founder and CEO Yoshua Kishi and CMO Su Tugcu were happy to sit down for a full 2-page interview with Startups Magazine last month.

The teenage experience of 2021 is highly different than before. Growing up with our smartphones in our hand, Gen-Z users are constantly looking for a different social media experience.

With apps designed to exploit human psychology, our attention spans are as reduced as ever.

Highly entertaining 15-second video content of TikTok or 140 characters or slightly longer tweets and Instagram’s new reels all put forward one thing: Consume as much content as you can by the most perfectly curated feeds. Algorithms who know your tendencies better than anyone.

Some teenagers who have minority identities feel marginalized and excluded by the mainstream social media outlets.

It is known that predominantly white influencers with perfect bodies are the most favored and put forward by the algorithm.

So much visual content leave few space for an outlet where one can voice concerns, emotions and share freely.

Communities are the driving force of 2021 and online safe spaces play an immense role in developing these communities.

LGBTQI+ folk identify with this need for having safe spaces to get together, exchange their tips and feel better.

Black and Hispanic teenagers also identify with this need of a place to express themselves.

Mental health care and dealing with the growing pains can be really different from one culture to another.

And it is known that mental health is not taken as seriously in these cultures as Western cultures.

That’s where weBelong comes in to create a safe space where marginalized teenagers can connect and have free conversations.

Away from the superficiality of mainstream social media, we are building a place where people with differences can thrive.

We are super pleased to see that our vision is understood and appreciated by media as well.

Help us budil this community app, a safe place for marginalized teenagers. Download for free on your App Store: https://webelong.page.link/1

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