How to celebrate pride month online

How to celebrate pride month online

How to celebrate pride month online

Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 Hello all, you must be excited about celebrating pride month! But at the same time, you might feel "How can I celebrate pride month online?" or "How can I celebrate pride without making parents know", so here are tips to celebrate pride month.

Join: weBelong to celebrate pride month here

Join online LGBTQ community

There are several online LGBTQ communities on social media like weBelong, Facebook, and discord as well.

You can find several active communities among them very easily.

If you would like to join youth community for LGBTQ, weBelong is the place for you, if you would like to join over 40+ communities, Facebook would be suitable for you, if you are okay with flood of chats, discord will be for you.

weBelong app to celebrate pride motnh oneline

weBelong is a social network for misfits, you can just invite friends to be yourself or make new friends. Brand new app with several lgbtq communities and youth is the best place to celebrate pride month online.

Join voice call to talk about pride

weBelong allows users to have voice call, where you can have a talk with friends or strangers.

Since people there are supporting LGBTQ, you can talk about anything you want, such as how to come out, just talk, and so on.

During pride month, it could be fun to find friends to talk to.

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Communities fro LGBTQ

weBelong is one of the app where you can have online conversation and event specifically for lgbtq community. There are many communities not only for LGBTQ but also hobbies such as Astrology, KPOP, memes and so on.

Group 159

Prounouns displayed everywhere

On weBelong, so many things are different from other social network. So many functions are for LGBTQ, the image below is one of the example.

You can put your pronouns EVERYWHERE so that people are more likely to support your pronouns correctly.

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 17.36.23

Topics celebate minorities and LGBTQ

Topics on weBelong reflect the idea of celebrating differences the idea of the app.

You can choose several topics related to LGBTQ or for marginalized communities.

Almost 80% of people on weBelong belong to marginalized communities in the current society such as Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, neuro diversities, and so on.

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Share your support for LGBTQ community

You can simply share some posts on weBelong likewise Reddit, Insta, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Most of the content you see might be image/video or text.

You can either share with frineds or with members in the communities.

Join Twitter/IG campaign

There are several campaigns under the # on Twitter or IG. On Twitter, there is a campaign for LGBTQ community #weBelong. Twitter explains,

Why #WeBelong? For all of the progress that the queer community has made in recent years, efforts to exclude, erase, and degrade us persist. #WeBelong is a call to take up space and be loud in places where we've been told we don't belong or made to feel unsafe in

You can just tweet #weBelong to join this movement🏳️‍🌈

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Make your icon to show support for pride

Simple way to celebrate pride month online is to make your icon rainbow, or create icon with your flags whatever you belong.

You can use several apps to make it including snap.

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weBelong: celebrate differences

You might feel anxious at home since no one accepts you. You might feel hopeless since the society never understand you. But trust me, there are people who will accept you, understand you, hug you.

We have different skin colors, different abilities, different strengths, and different weaknesses. We have different points of view, different religions, and different sexual orientations.

And those differences make you unique, make you yourself. Differences thrive. Differences are cool.

No matter who you are, you are valid.

Pride🏳️‍🌈Black Lives Matter✊🏿