How to improve your self-esteem as Gen Z

How to improve your self-esteem as Gen Z

How to improve your self-esteem as Gen Z

Generation Z tend to have mental health issues according to APA. Also The Pew Research Center revealed the fact that almost 70% of teens among any genderes, races and family-income levels say that anxiety and depression are significant problems among them.

It is not about genetic problems but environmental problems. The news around them make them so anxious, such as shooting, covid, criminal invasion by Russia.

Those make Gen Z so anxious and depressed.

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Environment for Gen Z

Social media and self-esteem for Gen Z

Social media for Gen Z is a destination to belong. SnapChat, Tiktok, weBelong, YouTube and other social media are their home. But at the same time, some of social media might be the cause of the low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem by Body image issues

Body image is about your feelings towards your own body and physical appearance. Often, comparing, bullying and criticism by other people can lead to a negative body image.

Low self-esteem by comparison

On social media, everyone else looks so cute and cool. You might feel you are the only one who is the part of the game. The reason behind is those social media are showing the number of likes and number of followers.

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Social media to improve self-esteem

That's why weBelong is trying to make the place less toxic. weBelong is taking the toxicity out of social networks by swapping “likes”, “followers” and “reactions” for features that facilitate and support meaningful interactions.

weBelong has been designed to help teenagers and adolescents who feel like “misfits” to connect with other like-minded people – representing a healthier and more genuine alternative to the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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Endorse personality

weBelong has features to improve your self-esteem. You can give and get endorsement from others based on your personalities.

Friends know your hidden personalities, and your friends will endorse your personalities on weBelong.

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That will boost your self-esteem, but one more important thing. Giving is important. According to the study done by Utah State University, people who got asked to rate their happiness and given an envelope containing either $5 or $20 were randomly assigned to either spend money on themselves or on someone else at the end of the day.

Those who spent the money on someone else reported happier moods than those who spent the money on themselves. A separate group was asked to predict outcomes of the experiment and most believed those who spent money on themselves would be happier. Not only were they wrong, they were significantly wrong. The research suggests “thinking about money may propel individuals toward using their financial resources to benefit themselves, but spending money on others can provide a more effective route in increasing one’s own happiness.”

So on weBelong, you can give endorsement to others as well.

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Self-esteem and Gen Z

How to improve self-esteem

Here's the way to improve your self-esteem for you.

1. Find people you cant trust to improve your self-esteem

This is very simple and important thing to know. It is vital to feel you are important to someone. And the more you feel in that way, the more self-confidence you gain. Finding partner of Gen Z bff would be so beneficial to you.


2. Discover your hidden personality

You feel you are not confident enough because you don't notice who you are. When I was a child, I was surrounded by adults scolding me, I was feeling so left out, or had low self-esteem. But when I noticed that I can help by just using computer, I feel I am a superman to them.

Discovering your hidden personality is the way to boost you self-esteem.

3. Help other friends to improve your self-esteem

Helping others is helping yourself, being kind to others is being kind to yourself.

By helping others, you will feel so much better.

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