How to make friends in high school

How to make friends in high school

How to make friends in high school

Once you enter high school, you may find it difficult to make new friends

It can be stressful to go talk to new people, but meeting new people should be more fun. These are some ideas to start building new friendship in a less stress way.

Join school Clubs

Joining school clubs can be a way to make new friends. It's a great way to experience things together, which can eventually make your friendship stronger.

Start it off by getting involved in activities and hobbies that you enjoy, such as student council or sports teams. Once you put yourself in those situations, you will be more exposed to new people!

Join whatever you like to do! It can be art, music, sports... anything!

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Observe and Listen to your friends

If you are too shy to make the move, you can start it off by observing/listening to what people are talking about.

And if they are talking about your hobbies, hop in to the topic and start it off by speaking out of your mind. It will be easier if you can join in a topic where you agree on what they are talking about so that both of you feel more safe within the common ground.

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Say YES! to your friends

Sometimes it can be a struggle to put yourself out there. but unless you have experience it, you will never know how you can feel.

So whenever you're friend asked you out, just say "YES!" and give it a try! You may be able to find a new part of yourself as well as a great new company!

Just be yourself

You may think that you need to impress others to like you, but in reality, most people appreciate your authenticity above anything.

Don't fake yourself. (if that person doesn't like you, it's probably not worth giving it a try!)

Be confident in who you are, and natually people will be able to see the spark you have in yourself!

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Friendship is not only about hobbies

Just because someone isn't crazy about anime manga or BTS as you are, it doesn't mean you can't be friends with them.

Keep an open mind when making new friends. Sometimes it's good to have different hobbies. Maybe then you can recommend each other with your new favorites? That can be a great way introduction to expand your interest!

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Volunteer and make friends

You could make friends by joining the volunteering group! Those who participate in volunteering activity tends to care about people.

Stay in touch with friends

Meeting people is the first step, but nurturing a friendship is a bit more difficult than you think. Show that you care and they will have it back!

Invite your friends on social media

One of the way to maitain friendship is to invite social media like Snapchat, weBelong, Discord, and so on. Social media can be a great way to keep in touch!

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Here is also the list of social media where you can make new friends.

Add friends and update

When you update your weBelong or Twitter profile, you will be adding your interests/hobbies. Those can be a great way to start off a conversation. Asking them about their interests/hobbies.

This way, others can know what kind of people you are!

However, keep in mind that there is a possibility of them not being real. Be careful when adding someone you've never met! Safety should always be your first priority.

Make new friends in high school

No one is perfect

We expect and must recognize that we ourselves make mistakes, and that is an obstacle to becoming more than acquainted with someone. People develop friendships to feel loved, understood, and belonged. Friendship is not a machine where everything has to be perfect; people accept each other's mistakes and help each other to be better. Finding the perfect person may be a long and lonely process. So always try to see the good in others and encourage them to keep doing what they are doing.

Also, have the courage to show others your flaws as well. Friendship shouldn't be about impressing others with your accomplishments, but to embracing each other's vulnerability.

When you get to share that, you can have a deeper and meaningful friendship!

Let's make friends!

I know it can be for some people to go up to someone, have some small talks. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just go greet them, ask questions and be yourself - and you will do well!

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