How weBelong shows the content on timeline?



Sep 07, 2022

How weBelong shows the content on timeline?

How weBelong shows the content on timeline?

weBelong has timeline very similar with Reddit or Twitter, where people can exchange their opinions, share memes, share their days.

Today I wanna explain how we show content on weBelong.

Order by post created at

weBelong shows content on timeline simply ordered by date of creation of the post. Depending on what communities you are joining, you might see different content but the content itself you see is not manipulated by algorithm.

Order by post updated at

weBelong has actually one different order, showing content order in chronological order by as well. The timeline will be updated every time you scrool down on the timeline.

Why we don't personalize?

So you might have questions that why don't we personalize the timeline like how it is on Snapchat, Insta or Tiktok. The reason why we don't do this is that we don't want people to get toxic and seek for likes instead of genuine network.

Content Manipulation

On social media, like Snapchat or Tiktok, you might see the contents which apps suggests for you, by learning the algorithm.

You will unconsciously get brain-washed by those content manipulation, since those are not genuinely popular but companies create those popularity intentionally to change the decisions.

Cambridge Analytica on Tiktok

Cambridge Analytica was allegedly hired as a consultant company for Leave. EU and the UK Independence Party during 2016, as an effort to convince people to support Brexit. These rumors were the result of the leaked internal emails that were sent between Cambridge Analytica firm and the British parliament. The most important source of the data was Facebook. Via a third-party app, Cambridge Analytica improperly obtained data from up to 87 million Facebook profiles – including status updates, likes and even private messages.

And the same thing is happening on Tiktok according to The New York Times.

Ahead of the midterm elections this fall, TikTok is shaping up to be a primary incubator of baseless and misleading information, in many ways as problematic as Facebook and Twitter, say researchers who track online falsehoods. The same qualities that allow TikTok to fuel viral dance fads — the platform’s enormous reach, the short length of its videos, its powerful but poorly understood recommendation algorithm — can also make inaccurate claims difficult to contain.

Tiktok does'nt want to change the brainwash

Filippo Menczer, an informatics and computer science professor and the director of the Observatory on Social Media at Indiana University, said he had proposed research collaborations to TikTok and had been told, “Absolutely not.”

How to avoid getting manipulated

The most important thing to avoid getting manipulated is to check the reference, even if the influencer is saying something is "cool".

Influencers are not god that what they say can sometimes turns out to be wrong. So instead of believing it instantly, check the sources!

Networking is the purpose of weBelong

So weBelong is not trying to brainwash people but we are trying to make people enjoy online friendship and we want to help people stay connected.

weBelong is a place to have a conversation, exchange opinions, and help each other.

We will not change this opinion of manipulating content, as we believe being less toxic social media is the only way to create a place where people can find their true belongingness.