LGBTQ and Pronouns: Pronouns list, How to understand



Jun 15, 2022

LGBTQ and Pronouns: Pronouns list, How to understand

LGBTQ and Pronouns: Pronouns list, How to understand

Pronouns are part of someone’s gender expression, and people can have multiple sets of pronouns for themselves (such as using move he/him/his and they/them/theirs).

If you are part of LGBTQ, you must be deeply related to this topic, but for people who are not much into LGBTQ communities might be confused, since they maybe have never thought about their gender identity or it could be difficult for them to understand why people use pronouns which are not related to biological gender.

This article will unveil what are pronouns, how do you understand, how to respect/be respected.

Pronouns are confusing?

Since not all people question their gender identity or expression, those people may be confused.

Body, Gender, Feeling

Some of transphobes insist that gender is only male and female, so pronouns are not the thing to be respected, but that is not true.

Is there any part of your body that you would like to change?

It could be easier for all of people to think from your body. If you feel you wanna change some part of bodies, you can relate transgender people.

For example, if you are eager to be taller than others, you might be using shoes which make you taller, likewise that, a person who doesn't like to have boobs use binder.

If you want to change your body,

  1. you will find a way to accept yourself
  2. Use something to make you feel better
  3. Do surgery

Some people do facial plastic surgery, piercing, binder, tatoos, etc.

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Pronouns are feelings that you wanna be

When you are in abroad, or you learn new languages, you might feel you want a name that will be used in that language.

My name is 慶紀 pronounced in "Yoshiaki" but I prefer to be called Yoshua since it sounds Joshua but different (if it makes sense). I don't like to be called "Yoshiaki", and now my name became Yoshua in Japanese as well, since I feel that it is better. This is how I feel and some people call my Last name (since Japanese people tend to use last name) and it feels so weird for me.

Now you can see this could be normal to have feelings to use pronouns as well.

People have feelings to be called or categorized in a way they want.

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Respect pronouns but don't impose

Pronouns are not "preferred" but necessary for respectful communication. The transgender and non-binary communities are not the only ones who use pronouns; everyone uses them, and has since they were little.

Pronouns should be respected but not all people understand this, so you should not impose pronouns at the same time.

Let's say you love to eat meat and you have vegan friends. What if your vegan friends start to criticize you.

What if you are not religious and someone is constantly pushing you to believe in a certain religion?

People don't like to get imposed, some people are not capable of understanding the feeling, are maybe just ignorant.

If you want to be respected, you need to respect others too.

Pronouns List

This is the list of pronouns. As you can see, there are traditional pronouns such as he/him/his, she/her/hers, and they/them/theirs.

They must be eay to understand for you.

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Neo-Pronouns are words, such as ze/hir/hirs, ze/zir/zirs, and xe/xem/xyrs, that have been created to function as pronouns without expressing gender.

Those pronouns are commonly used among young generations and there are several pronouns used by them such as "King", "Vamp", "Frog", and so on.

This is the thing many of cis-gender people get confused, even some of people among LGBTQ communities get confused as well.

But again, they are things they wanna be called, they feel better.

How to understand your pronouns

So, how do you understand your pronouns? If you are just okay with using he/him or she/her, just use them. And if you feel weird and not comfortable with using those words, use your own words to express yourself.

Again, don't force others to use, of course it is really nice if someone understands you as well.

How to respect others pronouns

So if you want to respect others' pronouns, how to make it happen? All you need is to show your respect. When you get to know each other, ask their pronouns and try to understand who they are.

Sometimes you might misuse or misgender, but it is okay, no one can be perfect.

It is about the relationship between you and others, show your affection if you want to respect.

Social media and pronouns

On social media, you might be getting misgendered very easily. All others have only your profile pic, they don't read your profile much.

They call you like "hey girl" "how are you bro".

weBelong app respects your pronouns

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One of the example is that your pronouns will be displayed everywhere if you set up.

You will not get misgendered on weBelong.

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