lgbtq apps to make friends



Nov 17, 2021

lgbtq apps to make friends

LGBTQ app to make friends.

It is not so easy to have just friendship app for lgbtq. Most of apps are just dating app and full of scams. weBelong is a new social media app with the goal of connecting LGBTQ people and lgbtq allies through a medium that is specifically devoted to finding friendship, rather than sexual encounters or dates.

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weBelong is the best app to make LGBTQ+ friends online

weBelong is a social app for lGBTQ and 20% of US teenagers are already using weBelong to make new friends and get supported. It's not about dating, not hookup, just for making lgbtq friends.

weBelong is the best and easiest app to make LGBTQ friends.

weBelong: LGBTQ+ social media

LGBTQ Friends Story

Chloe and Holly met as they were both part of the LGBTQ+ community on weBelong. They've been talking for over 3 months and supporting each other. Since Chloe is an American expat living in the UK, she used to feel alone but she feels so much better after meeting Holly.

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Lack of apps to make lgbtq friends

There are few apps to make friends for lgbtq people. Most of apps on the appstore or google store are dating, and it is difficult to make real friends.

weBelong is a safe space to make lgbtq friends. 10 friends to talk to is the best way to add friends, weBelong algorithm will help you to find like-minded friends. And if you invite other friends on the app, you will be able to add 10+ people per day as well.

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Celebrate Differences

Internet used to be a life boat for people who had no place in society, but after social media emerged, social media became a place for majority who more widely used as a way to boost the existence of the real world.

The world is changing. weBelong is a space where all of them celebrate their differences. weBelong is for differences.

Be the part of change instead of being in the flow of majority.

We have different skin colors, different abilities, different strengths, and different weaknesses. We have different points of view, different religions, and different sexual orientations.

Our differences make us who we are. Everyone is different and those differences enrich communities' diversities. On weBelong, no matter who you are, you are valid.

When we know how we’re different, and feel comfortable with those differences, we can then start to see our similarities and find even more common ground.

We want people to see us, understand us, and appreciate us for who we are.

We want to celebrate who we are and our gender, sexual orientation heritage, our culture, our religion, our family tree.

Pride🏳️‍🌈Black Lives Matter✊🏿

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