New social media app when you are bored




Apr 13, 2022

New social media app when you are bored

New social media app when you are bored

When you get bored, what would you do? Which apps or social media apps do you use? Personally I'm getting tired of lavishing of my time for gaming or just watching random videos on tiktok.

I just prefer to talk to someone or discuss something interesting with friends instead of just consuming my brain for nothing, or just wating to reach the time when I have to do something.

weBelong is a new social media app when you can use when bored

I'm on weBelong in a daily basis to share my day with friends or chat with friends. This brand new app makes me feel better because I don't feel any pressure or anxiety by using those social media.

Use with friends to share your day without pressure

The reason why I don't feel any pressure on weBelong is about being myself on weBelong. On instagram, my life should be amazingly bright. On Snapchat, I should be part of friends, always feel fear of missing out.

But on weBelong, I am just me, I don't pretend to be someone else. The reason behind is I'm just inviting only some of friends I can trust, so that I don't have to care about numbers of followers or likes.

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Chat with friends on weBelong app

You can chat with friends on weBelong as well, just like instagram or other social media apps. I just text with friends, helps me a lot to deal with my anxiety or stress actually.

Use weBelong with privacy

This is one of the thing makes weBelong unique. They have a function to protect privacy. One day I was just on phone at school bus, and some of friends approached me and took my phone. They saw my tiktok and they noticed my checking some content on tiktok. From that day, they started to bully me.

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New friends to talk to when bored

Also, it is so easy to find new firneds. If you are just bored and want someone to talk to, weBelong could be the perfect space.

Just finding new friends from swipe section, and dm them.

New social media apps when you are bored.

1. weBelong app: Social media for misfits

You can use with friends or make new friends. Install from here

2. REALITY-Avatar Live social media

You can find live vr chat from vtubers Install from here

3. Locket: Photo-sharing widget

You can share photos straight to the iPhone Home Screen. Learn more

4. Caffeine: Live streaming

You can watch live rap battle stream here.

Install from here

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