New Social Media Apps like Twitter

New Social Media Apps like Twitter

New social media app like twitter

Twitter used to be the best place for microblogging for many years, but Twitter started to put ads everywhere, selling our data to others. A lot of people concern about user data toward Twitter.

Furthermore, Elon Musk says he will control Twitter, and he made it!

So if you are looking for Twitter Alternatives, this article is for you.

Best 6 New social media app like Twitter

weBelong is considered as new type of Twitter or Reddit, and yes, there are several things in common. One similar thing is about both text and image based timeline system, and also you can comment on it. Also recently twitter launched a community function, which is very similar with weBelong communities.

There are no ads as well.

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1. weBelong: Social Media for misfits

weBelong is a social networking app for misfits to connect together, share ideas with friends, or make friends as well.

Likewise Twitter, you can share your ideas or thoughts with your friends, you can get friends from others.

You can send dms with your friends, on weBelong it will be only among friends though.

Also you can have a voice chat with other friends or even strangers as well likewise Twitter Spaces.

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 16.03.41

But unlike Twitter, weBelong is more likely to be a private space for you. Instead of getting followers, all you need to be friends with them, so that the content will be more private.

weBelong does not show the number of followers or likes

The most different thing on weBelong is about NOT showing the number of followers or likes others have. All of other social media show that who has more popularity. Social media is mostly for influencers, but weBelong is for individuals.

weBelong is taking the toxicity out of social networks by swapping “likes”, “followers” and “reactions” for features that facilitate and support meaningful interactions.

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Unlike Twitter, you can find like-minded friends easily

On weBelong, there is a feature that enables people to add friends easily. This kind of Tinder type of UI makes it easy to connect with like-minded friends very easily.

weBelong is alternative for twitter for younger generations

People who use weBelong is mostly young generations, and those who consider themselves as misfits.

This is still new and just 30000 users are registered on weBelong. weBelong is popular in NY teenagers and young adults now.

weBelong is a place to belong. 1 9ywvfGakT3wZZVsbftWawg

2. Plurk: Social networking for weirdos

Plurk is a social network for weirdos. The company is located in Taiwan and there are bunch of users from Asia, they talk about Asian exotic cultures and stuff.

Plurk has character limit like Twitter

Plurk has 360-character limit, so it feels like Twitter. What makes different from Twitter is about users there plus discoverability.

Twitter is more likely to find news instantly and discuss, but Plurk doesn't have such a great experience for discovering news.


3. Tumblr: microblogging likewise twitter

Tumblr is a blogging and social media tool that allows users to publish a "tumblelog", or short blog posts. Tumblr's major differentiator is the free-form nature of the site and the ability of users to heavily customize their own pages.

Safe Search for you

On Tumblr there are tons of things related to drugs, suicide, anoreia and so on, so if you need to be away from them, better to use safe search.

4. Caffeine: Social media for broadcasting

Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform (live streaming) that delivers live, interactive content at the intersection of gaming, sports, and entertainment.

Social media but like a TV

Caffeine is more likely to be a TV to watch, you might be lurkers to watch some content likewise Twitch.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 17.49.57

5. BeReal: Anti-instagram social media

BeReal is a photo-sharing social media, but more likely to be showing the moment. It is totallt different from instagram since you cannot filter your photo, and you just need to show the real-photo of you and your moment.

When you get notification, you have only 2 min to take a photo, so it could be just you are working or at home chilling.

Just be careful about the privacy concern, if you don't want to post something or don't like to reveal your face, it is up to you even if the app says show your face.

6. Supernova: Ethical social media

Supernova is a socia media with human moderation. The content includes negative or toxic behavior are prohibited there that those will be deleted by moderators.

Likewise weBelong, Supernova aims to be inclusive and less toxic social media.


Best 10 New social media app

1. weBelong app:Social media for misfits

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2. REALITY-Avatar Live social media

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3. PearPop: Social media for tiktok creators

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4. Caffeine: Live streaming

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5. Yubo: Social media for teens

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6. Poparazzi: Paparazzi app for teens

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7. Locket: Photo-sharing widget

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8. Amino: anime social media

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9. BeReal: Camera-only photo-sharing social media

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10. F3: QA based social media

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