New Update: Profile on weBelong



Nov 07, 2022

New Update: Profile on weBelong

New Update: Profile on weBelong

Hi all, how are you? Yoshua here!

How was your Halloween? It was so crazy in Shibuya, there are so many people in Tokyo Shibuya, wearing different costumes. The event itself is so chaotic in Tokyo.

Today, I want to introduce new profile design on this blog.

What's New on Profile

1. Best Friends and Relationship Status

With this update, you can now add Best Friends and Partners on weBelong.

You can now mentor your beloved friends and partners using @ if they are also using weBelong!

weBelong is trying to make the app not for numbers of likes of followers but friendship. That is the reason behind of this decision.

2. Organizing profile infomation

Before updating the profile, it was kinda messy. But now, you can check your profile clearly with tab swiping, from your information to the topic you are following.

You can check your bio, your posts, your traits, and topics.


Profile is about yourself on weBelong


Profile is about yourself, profile is about your identity. It shows who you are on weBelong, instead of faking yourself on Tiktok or IG.

You don't have to think about how many followers you have, or how many people like posts since you don't see number of those on other's profile. You don't have to compare you with others.

Show tru-self

So all you need is to be yourself. Show your topics you care about, share you things you love, and connect with people whom you care about.