Safe Social Network App

Safe Social Network App

Safe Social Network App weBelong

weBelong is a new social network app to make friends, stay in touch with friends, and find a place to belong.

Most of people on weBelong app are young that weBelong aims to be the safest space for them.

weBelong app

How to make social network safer?

There are several social network apps where you could make friends, but most of apps have been used in a bad way by scammers or sugar daddy.

After Snapchat's launch, by its nature of the empheral messaging function, most of people started to use as sending sexually explicit photos or videos, and many pedophiles are there.

On weBelongor sexual harrassment. Social Network apps should be safer for them. are banned immediately.

Detect negative words to make the space safer

On weBelong, the algorithm itself detects negative words such as sexual harrassment or danger of pedophiles that it is unlikely to happen. Of course it is not perferct but weBelong is trying to make the social network much safer.

Especially, young genrations tend to be sensitive those words such as cyberbullying or sexual harrassment. Social Network apps should be safer for them.

Screen Lock to protect your privacy

When you are away from phone, someone might check your phone sneakingly. My parents tend to check my phone, my friends rob my phone once too.

On apps activities, you may be showing your true face which might not be comfortable with sharing with real life friends or family.

On weBelong, you can lock your screen that no one can check your phone without entering passcode.

Screen lock on weBelong

weBelong is less toxic social network

Tiktok is great but Tiktok is great fun but at the same time it is toxic.

In several recent studies, teenage and young adult users who spend the most time on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms were shown to have a substantially (from 13 to 66 percent) higher rate of reported depression than those who spent the least time on the apps.

According to the, there are several effects because of Digital overload.

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Low mood or energy
  • A decreased cognitive performance which ultimately affects your decision-making skills
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Impaired vision
  • Diminished productivity
  • Strong compulsion to check emails, apps, voice mails, etc.
  • Insomnia
  • Vivid dreams
  • Tiredness

Some videos can come across as triggering content on the app that could promote issues like exclusion, eating disorders, and even self-harm. Influencers, most of them are cool that people tend to compare them with those influencers.

I really love tiktok but sometimes I need a break.


weBelong where you can be yourself

on weBelong, you cannot see number of friends or followers others have that you don't have to comapare you with others.

You can just be yourself, you can find your place to belong.

Data deletion for your account

On weBelong, you can easily delete data by one click. You don't have to search how to delete the account and data, it is on setting screen in an obvious way. We care about your safety and privacy.

Of course you can block someone you don't like, and report them too.

Social Network should be safe

Social Network App should be safe. When it comes to online communications, sometimes you need to deal with some strangers or sometimes people use it to find victims.

Twitter is being flooded with accounts promoting paedophilia, and they don't take any actions.

A Sony senior vice president who worked on the PlayStation Network was fired from his position after being caught in an amateur pedophilia sting video. He tried to meet a 15 years old bi trans person on Grindr.

Safety Tips for Social Networking

Here are 5 tips to make your social networking life safer.

  1. Put passcode on weBelong
  2. Don't put your snapchat account or numbers Numbers sometimes used by pedophiles.
  3. Be kind to others Communication is like a mirror, if you are kind to others, others might be kind to you as well.
  4. Report people if you got harrassed. If someone is harassing or threatening you, remove them from your friends list, block them, and report them to the site administrator.
  5. Just be cautious. On social networking app, there are people have bad intentions.