Social Network for Misfits



Mar 14, 2022

Social Network for Misfits

Minorities, Misfits, and Differences.

Despite all of us are different in our own way, people try to bully, discriminate, or isolate misfits.

Social media used to be a lifeboat for misfits who had no place in society, but after social media emerged, social media became a place for the majority and is widely used as a way to boost their popularity of the real world.

weBelong is different. weBelong is for differences and misfits.

Instagram is The Puppet Master

Social media makes the world connected and less loneliness. On the other hand, people are getting toxic to get more likes and followers, instead of making their real life better. So people are just sharing their fake life, showing off their "cool" life which make not only others but also own self depressed because of the gap between real life and ideal life.

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Business model make Instagram a dystopia

The business model of instagram is about advertisement. That's why the time people spend on instagram matters.

Your social media feed works in a similar manner to a casino slot machine. You refresh and wait to see what comes up. You feel like you have ‘won’ when something you like or relate to appears on your feed after refreshing. So, what do you do? You keep scrolling and refreshing. But the real winners in this situation are companies like Instagram who have now won the real prize at stake, your attention.

Instagram Tiktok or other social network based which includes advertisement care about only companies behind them, they don't care about you.

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Instagram knows the negative impact

According to Facebook’s own internal research, Instagram is toxic to teen girls’ mental health.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a collection of internal Facebook documents which it says demonstrate how the platform is acutely aware of the harmful effects Instagram has on the mental health of teens.

The Journal reported that Facebook’s own research showed that use of the image sharing app Instagram, which it acquired in 2012, made at least one out of three teen girls feel worse about their bodies, and revealed that of the teens who reported having suicidal thoughts, “13% of British users and 6% of American users traced the desire to kill themselves to Instagram”, among other devastating statistics.

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Not for likes, but for yourself

weBelong is a place where you can be yourself. weBelong app never shows number of likes or followers others have, since it will bring you negative impacts on your mental health.

weBelong cares about you.

On weBelong, no matter who you are, you can be yourself.

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Social Network for Misfits

weBelong is only one social network for misfits. All you need is to convey your feelings or opinions, or talking with your friends.

You can choose what you want to be, you can be who you are. You don't have to feel pressure when you share some posts, you don't have to compare you with others.

All you need is to be who you are.

We have different skin colors, different abilities, different strengths, and different weaknesses. We have different points of view, different religions, and different sexual orientations.

Our differences make us who we are. Everyone is different and those differences enrich communities' diversities. On weBelong, no matter who you are, you are valid.

weBelong aims to be an inclusive and toxic-free social networking app for misfits.

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