Social Networking App for Minorities



Feb 21, 2022

Social Networking App for Minorities

Social Network for Minorities

There are tons of social network app in this world, but as Asian, I'm always feeling like not accepted. Sometimes I got cyber-bullied, had negativec comments, or difficulties in resonating with other people who have popularities.

Here, I'll introduce several social networking apps for minorities!

Social Network App for Minorities

weBelong: Social Network for minorities

What is weBelong

weBelong is a social network app for young minorities to connect, stay in touch with friends, and find a place to belong. You can easily find like-minded friends and most importantly, almost 75% of them put their own pronouns that people don't misgender you or say disrespectful comments toward you.

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How weBelong works?

Likewise Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can share some ideas or images with friends or communities. Plus, you can lock your screen that if your friends or parents try to see what you do on weBelong, no one can see that without entering passcodes.

weBelong is private and safe space for you to be yourself.

Founder Yoshua says,

"We want people to see us, understand us, and appreciate us for who we are. We want to celebrate who we are and our gender, sexual orientation heritage, our culture, our religion, our family tree through the app."

Who uses weBelong?

There are a lot of young generations who need to connect with other minorities on weBelong, mostly lgbtq, black and brown, and so on. weBelong is so unique social network that aims to be free from toxic. On other games or social media, people tend to get hooked too much, mentally manipulated by technologies. weBelong is trying to next-gen social app for people, not for companies. It is available for both iOS and Android.

weBelong app

Dubsmash: Tiktok for minorities

what is Dubsmash

Dubsmash is video sharing social networking app among Black and Latino teenagers in the U.S. Much of his paid work comes from promoting songs by up-and-coming artists and content sponsored by corporate brands.

Reddit and Dubsmash

Sadly, dubsmash is not available anymore, but since reddit bought dubsmash, you can enjoy content on Reddit. Since it's owned bt Reddit, the atmosphere has completely changed but it is more welcoming than tiktok as minorities.

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Melanin: Social Network for Black and Brown people

What is Melanin

Melaning is a social networking app for Black and Brown Communities. You can post photo audio, videos or do messaging with others.

Adeyinka Adegoke is an engineer, certified scrum master, and business analyst but he can now add the title of CEO of MelaninPeople to his list of accomplishments.

How Melanin app works as social networking

Melanin app is designed to create a safe digital space for Black and brown people who want to interact and support one another.

“Our vision is to connect people of color from different parts of the world, share the culture, and increase our socio-economic awareness,” Adegoke explains.


Quilt: Clubhouse for Mental wellness

What is Quilt?

Quilt is the audio social networking for supportive conversation.

Quilt is like being at a friend's home or backyard having open conversations about anything and everything. Here, you can come as you are. There's no judgement, no filters, and you don't have to be an expert to share.

All conversations are community driven. From spirituality, mental health, love and relationships, to career and purpose, we talk about it all.

How Quilt works?

Quilt allows anyone to start a room for a conversation, dropping a line or two of text to describe what they want to talk about. The app is focused on wellness, breaking rooms into three different categories: spiritual and personal development (with conversations around meditation, astrology, human design, etc.), career and purpose (“it was very important to link purpose to it,” said Sumner, “these aren’t networking events”), and relationships, sex and family.

Quilt social network


EME Hive: Dating app for Asian communities

What is EME Hive

EME Hive is a community-based, social live streaming app for finding like-minded friends and partners. EME stands for "East Meets East".

Is EME Hive Social Networking?

It could be social networking but widely used for dating for people from Asia, living in the US. It should be 17+ years, and likewise on the other dating sites, scammers are a lot. So just be careful when you use it.

Why Social Networking for minorities

Social networking apps are great, but most people who got attentions are in the main stream that misfits, minorities and differences are feeling left out.

Hope all social media are inclusive, available for all different kinds of people.