The best online art communities for beginners

The best online art communities for beginners

The best online art communities for beginners

Past few years, we started to spend most of the time at home or online because of the covid. Many of artists or creative people are also strugglig with finding good connections with other artists, especially for begginers. Most of the communities are so matured and it might make you anxious to join if you are just starting to draw.

Me, as a beginner of artist, I just want to get positive and constructive feedback.

In this article, I will introduce several communities to connect with other begginer artists.

weBelong art communities for begineers

weBelong is a social app for minority young generations, and there are several people who love arts. Since most of them are young generations, there are so many communities around digital art, drawing, paintings, and so on. Also there is a photography community too.

artist unite!

artist unite community is one of the active community on weBelong app, where people who love art. There are several people on artist unite and people are so supportive.

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Art community is a little advanced, people who enjoys both digital art and hand writing art post many artworks.

Since weBelong itself is designed to be very interactive, you will be able to communicate with many of artists there.

You can get constructive criticism, participate in challenges, and much more.

Art community

Arts and stuffs

Arts and stuffs is the largest community on weBeong app, there are bunch of art lovers, just people who like drawings, or just love to check some arts stuffs.

You can get inspirations from other friends on weBelong. On arts stuffs, from beginners to advanced, you can see varieties of arts, including digital arts, photography, drawing, animated stuff, or even calligraphy.

Arts and stuffs

Instgram using art hashtags

Instagram is one of the largest communities for artist for all of generations, and there are several hastags on instagram.

Those are famous hastags on instagrams for artists.

#art_dailydose. #art_viral. #art_we_inspire. #artbynights. #artcollective. #artdiscover. #artfeatureland. #artfinder.

If you are just beginner and get afraid of negative feedback, just put #beginnerartist or just #beginner, people might understand that.

Since it is so huge communities, you might have chance to get featured by some of media or people who love art.

DeviantArt community for beginners

DevianArt community is so old art website, where artists can curate their portfolio to share with other artists. This website exists since 2000, when facebook didn't even exist.

Unlike other famous social media, core artists tend to use DevianArt, it could be difficult for begginers but it will be interesting to see their art.

There are so much arts not only paitings or drawing but alos digital arts, cartoons, anime, comics, nerd stuff, literature, poetry, or fandom arts.

Since the quality or work is so good, if you are still beginner of the art, you can just check and imitate their art work.

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Pinterest is a place for sure.

Pinterest is a social media app, users share images, and pin them to create portfolios or get inspirations.

The idea behind of pinterest is to let people share great images or ideas and make books of favorites ones. The CEO of Pinterest demistifies that pinterest is as a “catalogue of ideas”.

You can find different kinds of arts very easily and pin them.

Join Art Beinner Community Now

If you want to develop your ability to draw, having artists friends is the best way. You can get inspiration, you can get motivation more, and give feedback each other to polish your artworks.

Especially in the beginning of the artist, it is so crucial to get constructive feedback!

There are several art communities so explore and enjyo them!

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