Voice Chat on weBelong



Mar 22, 2022

Voice Chat on weBelong

Voice Chat on weBelong

weBelong is a social networking app taking out toxicity and creating a safe online space for misfits. By swapping “likes” and “followers” for meaningful interactions, weBelong is aiming to less toxic and inclusive social app.

We want to re-invent social networking, and we believe this is the way. And one of the thing we have been implementing is voice chat function.

Your Voice Matters

weBelong is for people who are categorized as "Crazy" "Misifits" or "Weidos". They are just different, and it is the coolest thing. But in the real society, their voice is ignored. Their voice is not heard.

Those who are different are just marginalized and no one is listening to them.

So weBelong is a place where their voice is shared and heard in this cruel society.

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Current Social Network App

Current social network app is for just getting likes and followers. Sometimes just feeling anxious when posting, "Will I get like by this post?" or just pursuing the fake satisfaction, "How can I get more followers?".

Those are just vanity and it won't help our lives. Those who are good showing off or marketing can do that.

Instagram manipulates you

According to Instagram’s own internal research, Instagram is toxic to teens’ mental health.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a collection of internal documents which it says demonstrate how the platform is acutely aware of the harmful effects Instagram has on the mental health of teens.

The Journal reported that their own research showed that use of the image sharing app Instagram, which it acquired in 2012, made at least one out of three teen girls feel worse about their bodies, and revealed that of the teens who reported having suicidal thoughts, “13% of British users and 6% of American users traced the desire to kill themselves to Instagram”, among other devastating statistics.

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Business model on Instagram

Their business model itself is the problem, all Instagram care about is advetisement publishers. Instagram need to manipulate your thoughts to make you see advertisement to make money.

weBelong cares about you

weBelong is designed to help teenagers and adolescents who feel like “misfits” to connect with other like-minded people - representing a healthier and more genuine alternative to the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

weBelong will never rely on advertisement. weBelong doesn't care about other companies. weBelong cares about humanity.

Why Voice Chat?

The voice itself is so intrinsic and emotional way to express their feeling and communicate. But furthermore, voice chat is good for mental health.


Why is voice chat good for mental health?

Many of teens tend to compare others with themselves, and one of the symptom is about body image issues.

According to Psychology Today, there is a concept "Snapchat Dysmophia".

British plastic surgeon Tijion Esho dubbed the concept “Snapchat Dysmorphia,” and the term took off when Vashi and her colleagues declared in JAMA Plastic Facial Surgery that selfies and photo-editing had instilled new beauty standards. “It can be argued that these apps are making us lose touch with reality because we expect to look perfectly primped and filtered in real life,” the authors wrote. And knowing that an image is doctored doesn’t stop your brain from engaging in comparison. It happens automatically, says Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern University and the author of Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women.

So if it is about voice chat, people can connect through only voice, and you don't have to compare you with others.

Differences matter. Being different is okay. And voice chat is one of the ways to know the differences without getting anxious or feeling tired.

weBelong Voice Chat

On weBelong, you can express your feeling without getting anxious or feeling any pressure, you can be just yourself. You don't have to care about numbers, just be yourself.

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