#weBelong is the keyword for Pride Month



Jun 06, 2022

#weBelong is the keyword for Pride Month

#weBelong is the keyword for Pride Month

WeBelong is a keyword for pride 2022 and from now on, and weBelong is the app where LGBTQ friends get together and belong.

Pride has been helping LGBTQ community to be seen, understood, and feel belongings to the community, and weBelong app as well.

What is weBelong

weBelong is a social network for LGBTQ mostly youth to connect and stay in touch. Your friends and you can chat, share your days, having voice call together with communities.

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weBelong is social netwoking app for misfits

weBelong has started to help misfits people. Being different is so tough in ealry days in your life. People see you in a different way, parents might not understand you, you don't feel you belong to any of social media.

weBelong is a social network for those misfits to connect in a genuine way, not like seeking # of followers or likes on instagram or Tiktok where people fake their life and develop jealousy each other. Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 18.55.42

weBelong and pride

Since weBelong cares about marginalized people, weBelong cares about pride entire year, not only pride month but also all the time.

So weBelong doesn't make logo itself rainbow since LGBTQIA+ should be understood regardless of pride monh.

weBelong Pride Event

weBelong is joining Pride in NYC mostly physically.

Pride Month has its origins in the Stonewall Riots of June 1969. The Stonewall Riots began on June 28, 1969, when LGBTQ+ patrons at the Stonewall Inn in New York City resisted a police raid on the bar. In the raid that triggered the Stonewall Riots, two police officers entered the Stonewall Inn and demanded that some of the bar's patrons be "gender identified" in a physical examination.

The first Pride event was organized by bisexual activist Brenda Howard on June 28, 1970 in New York City. The first march was called the "Christopher Street Liberation March" (the name of the street where the Stonewall Inn is located), and the event included elements of both celebration and protest. Howard organized another event the following year in 1971, and soon Pride parades were held around the world.

That's why weBelong starts from New York from June.

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weBelong Pride on Twitter

Currently, #weBelong becomes a keyword on Twitter. Twitter officially announced that #weBelong is the word of the month. We believe that weBelong is the word for not only LGBTQIA+ but also all of people who got marginalized by the society.

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weBelong: Celebrate Differences

You may feel insecure at home because no one accepts you. You may feel hopeless because society does not understand you. But believe me, you are not alone. There are people who accept you, understand you, and embrace you.

We have different skin colors, different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We have different perspectives, different religions, different sexual orientations.

And those differences are what make you unique and who you are. Differences are what make you grow. Differences are cool.

Whoever you are, you are valid.

Pride🏳️🌈Black Lives Matter✊🏿.