weBelong Mission: Not just social networking app

weBelong Mission: Not just social networking app

weBelong Mission: Not just social networking app

Why we create social network

Story of weBelong

Story is from founder Yoshua, who was struggling with being ADHD. When he was a child, he was misunderstood, he was feeling no one understood him. He was trying to find a space to be with people who understand them, and the internet helped him with finding interesting like-minded friends.

But current social networking apps have changed into the thing where people pursue the number of followers, views and likes.

He feels like he is left out from this current social networking app since everyone is trying to be famous, not trying to help each other.

Lack of Authenticity

Those who try to get numbers tend to post "great" contents which tend to be fake, or which occur envy.

Pursuing the numbers is not good for mental health. When you post on Instagram chasing the number of likes, you will notice the gap with your real life and You will get tired of it, and people who see it notice the difference from their life and feel envy, get disgusted.

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What is weBelong

No numbers on weBelong

weBelong is an inclusive social platform that aims to connect people from all edges of the world. We believe that by creating a safe, inclusive and toxic free platform, we can support youth resilience as well as mental wellness. In order to build a welcoming community we feel it is important to have some rules and guidelines to ensure every user has a safe and comfortable experience in weBelong.

How do we try to make social network less toxic

No numbers

On weBelong, you cannot see the likes that other people have received, or you cannot see the number of followers or friends others have.

You can only see what you have received. We believe that without the ability to make comparisons, people can stop the vain competition and focus on being themselves.

Make people's life fun

weBelong have several functions to stay in touch with your friends. One new feature, where you can call with your friends in a VR way, will help you to be with friends more online even if you cannot meet them.

You will feel more connected, you can find someone to belong.