Frequently Asked Questions on weBelong

Top questions

How does weBelong app work?

weBelong is trying to reinvent social media. We are trying to become a social network where the goal is not to get likes, but to help others, to interact and discover new things. weBelong is a social media where likes are not visible.On weBelong, you cannot see the likes that other people have received. You can't see the upvotes (we have traits endorsement function.) that other people have received. You can only see what you have received. We believe that without the ability to make comparisons, people can stop the vain competition and focus on being themselves.

Why weBelong is created?

weBelong is less toxic and inclusive social networking app. On other social media, you might feel FOMO, anxiety, or getting bullied because of your differences. But on weBelong, you don't compare you with others since we never show # of followers or likes others get. We are anti-facebook, anti-instagram, anti-tiktok.

How can I get featured on top contributors?

When you are hugged or accepted by your friends, you feel so well. It is the same thing on weBelong. Several people are posting their stories or life, and all you need is to comment on their posts to support them. Also, if you invite your friends, you will get contribution points.

Why number of other's friends undisplay on weBelong?

We believe that popularity competitions make people have mental health issues. On other social media, only number of followers or likes matter, but on weBelong, what you say and who you are matter. Learn more about why we don't show numbers

Who created weBelong?

weBelong app was created by HoloAsh, founded by Yoshua Kishi who was diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a child and felt misunderstood and left out. Yoshua wanted to find someone who understands him, discuss how to deal with problems, and becomes friends. The purpose of weBelong app is to create a social environment where people with differences can thrive. Learn more about HoloAsh here.

How to reach out to weBelong Team

Thanks for taking interest in our application. We’ve put together your most frequent questions and answered them. If you have any questions which don’t figure here, please feel free to contact us at info@holoash.com

Who is weBelong, or why is the app named so?

The app was named weBelong because people with differences, or margnalized people need a place to belong. Through our product, we want to celebrate people with differences.

How can I be an ambassador of weBelong

You can simply apply from the link below.Apply here

Is weBelong free?

weBelong is a completely free app to download and use. We’re passionate about providing a feel-good solution to discuss your feelings, chat and seek advice. COVID has had incremental effects on and left many of us feeling isolated. weBelong is providing a free and safe space where we can connect, vent, make friends!

What is community in weBelong app?

You can create a community and invite people whom you want to connect with. You can share your problems, vent, chat when you need to.

Why my account is locked?

If your profile has been blocked, it is because of violation of terms of use. On weBelong, any kind of discrimination, violence, sexual harrassment, pedophile are prohibited.

Which languages are supported on weBelong?

weBelong’s user interface and voice recognition capacities are currently only available in English. However, feel free to create groups and text in any language so that you can meet others who speak the language. Our goal is to support every language in the future. Thank you for your support in us achieving that goal!

What do you do with my text/voice data?

We do not use your voice or text data for any other purposes than improving your app experience. We do not sell or give your data to any third parties. We fully abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

I’d like to feature weBelong on media or collaborate with you. Where can I reach you?

Thank you for considering us! We’ve previously been featured on US television. We’re always looking for partnerships and collaborations. We’ll be happy to send you a press kit. Please reach out to us at info@holoash.com